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1720 Architect's Plan for Presidio Los Adaes

1720 Architects plan for the presidio at Los Adaes
This plan from the Archive of the Indies in Seville, Spain shows how Spanish authorities intended for the presidio to be built. The plan was commissioned by the Marqués de San Miguel de Aguayo, the governor of Texas who established Presidio Los Adaes in 1721.

  • A- Chapel
  • B- Governor's House and Warehouse
  • C- Officer's Barracks
  • D- Soldiers Barracks
  • Fosa- ditch or trench
  • Presidio as shown on Urrutia's 1767 map

    Portion of Joseph Urrutia map of Los Adaes, drawn 1767
    The Urrutia map shows how the presidio actually appeared in 1767. While frontier realities resulted in simplification and compromise, the basic outline and layout remains faithful to the 1720 plan.

  • 1- Governor's House
  • 2- Chapel
  • 3- Guard House
  • 4- Powder House

  • The other long rectangular buildings are soldiers barracks. The X-Z dashed line shows the axis of the profile drawing.