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Rock Art Around the World


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Subject Area

World History, Art, English, Language Arts

Grade Range

9-12th grades


World History Studies

  • 113.33 Social Studies (20A), identify significant examples of art and architecture that demonstrate an artistic ideal or visual principle from selected cultures.
  • 113.33 Social Studies (20B), analyze examples of how art reflects the history of cultures in which it is produced.
  • 113.33 Social Studies (20C), identify examples of art that transcend the cultures in which it was created and conveys universal themes.
  • 113.33 Social Studies (25A), identify ways archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, and geographers analyze limited evidence.
  • 113.33 Social Studies (25B), locate and use primary and secondary sources such as computer software, databases, media and news services, biographies, interviews, and artifacts to acquire information.

Art, Level II

  • 117.53 Art (3A), study a selected historical period or style of art.
  • 117.53 Art (3B), analyze specific characteristics of artworks in various cultures.

English, Language Arts I

  • 110.42 English (1A), write in a variety of forms, including personal texts.
  • 110.42 English (9A) recognize distinctive and shared characteristics of cultures through reading.
  • 110.42 English (13B) locate appropriate print and non-print information using text and technical resources, including databases and the Internet.

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