Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake formed naturally by log jams on Cypress Creek near the Texas-Louisiana border. Photograph by Dee Ann Story.

This natural lake (now enlarged by a modern dam) is thought to have formed in the relatively recent past as a raft lake along Cypress Creek not far upstream from its confluence with the Red River. Exactly when the lake formed is unknown, but it probably formed in stages over several hundred years, the final stage coinciding with the Great Raft on the Red River in the early 1800s. The Cadohadacho established their last village in the Caddo Homeland on the upper end of one of the arms of Caddo Lake around 1800. This village is known as Sha'chahdínnih (Timber Hill), a place still of great emotional and spiritual importance to modern Caddos. Visit the exhibit on Sha'chahdínnih here at Texas Byeond History for further details.

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