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Texas Archeological Society
Become a member and learn how to do archeology at one of the TAS field schools held annually at important sites across the state. Excellent list of teachers resources about archeology andTexas history.

The Shumla School
The Shumla School near Del Rio offers a wide range of programs for teachers, public and private school students, and youth-based organizations. Teacher training classes include a variety of outdoor and hands-on activities designed to build skills and expand knowledge of the environment and the region's rich cultural heritage, including spectacular ancient rock art. Students can experience firsthand what life was like for prehistoric Native Americans, whether they attend camp for a week or a day. Some of the survival skills they will learn include how to: use an atlatl to throw spears, create paint from local ingredients, taste food plants cooked in an earth oven, discover fiber arts using local plant fiber, and other examples of the technologies used by Native Americans to survive in this arid environment.

National Park Service
Information for the entire country. History and Culture features people, places, and cultures of the past: and excellent curricula in Teaching with Historic Places Learn about archeology in the national parks, including Texas, at

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Links to all parks and historic sites in Texas and living history programs in Texas state parks. Kids' pages features "Learn about Texas Indians" and downloadable coloring pages.

Texas Indians
This is the best privately maintained site available on Texas Indians. Web master R. E. Moore has done a wonderful job compiling information for this very useful site. You will find many articles on individual Indian tribes, teacher resources and more.

Bureau of Land Management
This features teacher resources, on-line lessons Kids' Corner, and more, especially for the Western United States. Be sure to check out "Intrigue of the Past", a book of 34 lessons on archeology created by archeologists in Utah.

Smithsonian Museum of American History
This site features historical archeology and learning from primary source artifacts in You Be the Historian. This is a wonderful activity for children.

The Archaeology Channel
This site features streaming video of archeological investigations from around the world, from Greece to Kentucky. It also offers teacher resources, including lessons, student activities, and other useful links.

Council of Texas Archeologists
The Council of Texas Archeologists is a nonprofit voluntary organization which promotes the goals of professional archeology in the State of Texas. Site includes good information on guidelines and regulations for archeologists as well as extensive links to many archeology-related sites.

The Portal to Texas History
The Portal to Texas History offers students and lifelong learners a digital gateway to the rich collections held in Texas libraries, museums, archives, historical societies, and private collections. The site also offers K-12 Primary Source Adventures for teaching Texas history correlated to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

The Archaeological Conservancy
The Archaeological Conservancy is a non-profit organization established in 1980 to acquire and preserve America's most important archaeological sites, including several in Texas (eg., parts of the Wilson-Leonard and Gault sites). Their website provides ideas on ways to be involved in these efforts.

National History Club
The National History Club Inc. (NHC) inspires students and teachers to start history club chapters at high schools, middle schools, and within other student and community programs. You'll find everything you need to get started and become part of a larger community of teachers and students who love history.