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Lesson Name

Fort St. Louis: A Do-It-Yourself History


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Subject Area

Texas History and Geography, English Language Arts, Technology Education

Grade Range

7 (Can be adapted for grades 4-11)


English, Language Arts

  • (23C) record bibliographic information for all notes and sources
  • (25A) draws conclusions and summarizes or paraphrases the findings in a systematic way

Social Studies 7th Grade

  • (2B) identify important individuals, events, and issues related to European exploration and colonization of Texas
  • (21A) use primary and secondary sources to acquire information about Texas
  • (22C) transfer information from one medium to another

Computer Applications (middle school)

  • (2C) use computer technology to record, locate, analyze, present, and exchange information

This learning activity also fits within the following National Voluntary Curriculum Standards:

  • Social Studies:
  • Time, Continuity & Change
  • People, Places & Environment
  • Global Connections

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