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Stratigraphy Layers of Time in the Earth


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Subject Area

Science, Social Studies

Grade Range

11th and 12th grades.



  • 112.49 Geology (2C), organize, analyze, evaluate, make inferences, and predict trends from data.
  • 112.49 Geology (8B), identify geologic formations that result from differing weathering processes.
  • 112.49 Geology (8C), illustrate the role of weathering in soil formation.
  • 112.49 Geology (10B), analyze the impact of floods on a watershed.

Social Studies

  • 113.39 Social Studies (8A), construct visuals to convey appropriate data.
  • 113.38 Social Studies (1B), analyze information by identifying cause-and-effect relationships.
  • 113.38 Social Studies (2D), create visual presentations of social studies information.
  • 113.34 World Geography Studies (2A), describe the human and physical characteristics of the same place at different periods of history.
  • 113.34 World Geography Studies (3B), describe physical environment of regions and the physical processes that affect these regions such as weather and soil-building processes.

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