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Lesson Name

Bottles, Pins, and Horseshoes: Analyzing Artifacts from the Ransom Williams Farmstead Using Bloom’s Taxonomy


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Subject Area

Texas, American, or World History

Grade Range

One 45-50 minute class period


1A - Identify the major eras in Texas history, including Texas in Reconstruction.

Science, Technology, and Society
20A - Compare types and uses of technology, past and present.

Social Studies Skills
21A - Use valid primary and secondary sources such as computer software and artifacts to acquire information about Texas.
21B - Analyze information by sequencing, categorizing, making generalizations and predictions, and drawing inferences and conclusions.
21C - Organize and interpret information from visuals, including charts.
23A - Use a problem-solving process to identify a problem, gather information, list and consider options, consider advantages and disadvantages, choose and implement a solution, and evaluate the effectiveness of the solution.
23B - Use a decision-making process to identify a situation that requires a decision, gather information, identify options, predict consequences, and take action to implement a decision.


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