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Kincaid Creatures


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Subject Area

Texas History

Grade Range

7th (Can be modified for 4th grade)


Social Studies, 7th grade

  • Social Studies 113.23 (1A), identify the major eras in Texas history
  • Social Studies 113.23 (21C), organize and interpret information from visuals
  • Social Studies 113.23 (22C), transform information from one medium to another

Science, 7th grade

  • Science 112.23 (2E), construct simple graphs, tables, maps, and charts to organize, examine, and evaluate information.
  • Science 112.23 (12C), describe how different environments support different varieties of organisms.

Mathematics, 7th grade

  • Mathematics 111.23 (2F), select and use appropriate operations to solve problems.

English Languages Arts, 7th grade

  • English Language Arts and Reading 110.23 (8C), read for varied purposes such as
    to be informed
  • English Language Arts and Reading 110.23 (10K), answer different types and levels
    of questions.
  • English Language Arts and Reading 110.23 (15C), write to inform
  • English Language Arts and Reading 110.23 (22B), interpret important events from

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