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Lesson Name

What’s Cookin’ at Honey Creek?


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Subject Area

Texas History

Grade Range

4th (includes 4th grade TEKS, but can easily be adapted to 7th grade)


Social Studies, 4th grade

  • Social Studies 113.6 (1A), identify Native-American groups in Texas before European exploration and describe the regions in which they lived
  • Social Studies 113.6 (7B), describe a variety of regions in Texas such as landform, climate, and vegetation regions that result from physical characteristics
  • Social Studies 113.6 (9B), identify reasons why people have adapted to and modified their environment in Texas, past and present, such as the use of natural resources to meet basic needs
  • Social Studies 113.6 (21B), describe how scientific discoveries and technological innovations have benefited individuals and society in Texas
  • Social Studies 113.6 (21C), predict how future scientific discoveries and technological innovations might affect life in Texas
  • Social Studies 113.6 (22B), analyze information by sequencing and making predictions

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