Tonkawa Scout Johnson Army Bugler William Ledbetter Doc Holliday Lottie Deno Dusty Cowboys Buffalo Hunter Johnny Golden Tonkawa Woman Rachel Foley Rancher's Wife Laundress Lady from Baltimore Wounded Freighter Sallie Reynolds General Sherman Buffalo Soldier
Move your mouse over the scene to talk to all 17 different characters!

Tonkawa Scout
Army Bugler
Sallie Reynolds

Rachel Foley
General Sherman
Buffalo Soldier
William Ledbetter

Wounded Freighter
Dusty Cowboys
Lady from Baltimore
Buffalo Hunter

Doc Holliday
Lottie Deno
Rancher's Wife
Johnny Golden

Note: Many of the characters shown in this scene were real people who lived at Fort Griffin or in the area, or were visitors to The Flat. Although the character dialogues were created especially for this activity, they are based on historic facts, quotes, and background information.

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