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Credits and Sources

The Nature's Harvest section combines the work of several individuals. The Plant Gallery is the work of Dr. J. Philip (Phil) Dering, an archeologist and paleoethnobotanist who studies plant remains from archeological sites. Dering did the research and writing as well as much of the photography. He also carries out experimental archeological and ethnobotanical research aimed at understanding how native peoples used plants.

The Coastal Prairies and Marshes Plant Gallery builds on the success of the Trans-Pecos Plant Gallery, South Texas Plains Plant Gallery, and the Lower Pecos Ethnobotany exhibit feature, which are the intellectual successors to the Plateaus and Canyonlands Plant Gallery that first appeared in August, 2005. These four interrelated online presentations have some degree of overlap, but each is a unique, geographically focused compilation of enthobotantical, botanical, and archeological data.

Barry Kidder wrote the sections for the Animals Gallery and most of the Raw Materials Gallery sections. Kidder is a graduate student in the Department of Anthropology at Texas State University.

Meredith Dreiss wrote the Raw Materials sections on Tool Shell and Ornament Shell. She is an archeologist who has specialized in shell analysis, in addition to other pursuits. Her work also is featured in the Mitchell Ridge exhibit on TBH.