Foothills and escarpment of Sierra del Carmen, Mexico. This area and lower hills and ridges out of view to left have become the heart of candelilla gathering country in this area in more recent times. The del Carmens run north/south, and candelilla gathering and camps go in a band from the Rio Grande on the north, to some 30 miles south of the border. This is the area used by the Boquillas, Las Norias, and Jaboncillos ejidos (cooperative) residents. The easier, more accessible country out in the flatter areas have been pretty much exhausted, so now most collecting goes on in the more rugged foothills and steeper slopes of the del Carmens, and in the phenomenally rugged river canyon country. The river canyon area has one bonus, though—abundant water from the river. Photo and information, Raymond Skiles, 1993.
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