Graduate Student Contributions:

Many worthwhile graduate studies have been completed on Plains Village topics related to the Texas Panhandle. Here are some additional examples.

In the 1930s, E.J. Lowrey and Tom Holden, two of Currie Holden’s students from Texas Technical College completed graduate theses on excavations at Antelope Creek 22, and the pottery of Saddleback Ruins, respectively. More recent contributions from Texas Tech students include Phillip Bandy’s detailed lithic technological analysis, Ruth Marie’s feasibility study for the development Alibates National Monument, and Mei Wan Campbell’s analysis of room functions at Saddleback Ruin. Other students completing detailed Antelope Creek materials studies include Alice Gustafson (University of Colorado), who tested and reported on the Duncan Ranch I site in Hutchinson County; Gary Demarcay (Texas A&M University) for his faunal remains study from Landergin Mesa; Ricky Robinson (University of Texas San Antonio) for his study of ground stone from Landergin Mesa; and Marie Huhnke (Wichita State University) for her detailed study of Antelope Creek bone tool modifications from Alibates Ruin 28

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