Maxey Redware Noded Tripod or Triple Bottle
Sanders Site (41LR2)
ca. 1100-1300 A.D

Height = 19 cm
Mouth Diameter = 18.4 mm

This unusual bottle combines a variety of decorative elements. There are applied lobes at the top of each leg with punctations that form a stylized face. Additionally, each leg of the tripod has punctations around the base of the neck and there is an appliqué band running around the center of the lobe of each leg.

A. T. Jackson and a crew from the University of Texas excavated part of the Sanders site in Lamar County, Texas between July 23, 1931 and September 4, 1931. The site is located on Bois d'Arc Creek less than a mile from the Red River and, at the time the work was conducted, had at least two mounds. The landowner had plowed into several burials revealing a variety of artifacts, which caught the attention of the UT crew while they were in the area. The Tripod Bottle came from a group burial designated Burial B-12. There were four adult and one child interred together. Additional grave goods included five ceramic vessels, one celt, one arrow point, two shell gorgets, and a variety of beads.

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