TBH Lesson Plan

Lesson title: The French in Texas

Subject: Texas History & English Language Arts and Reading

Grade Level: 4

Rationale: This lesson will give students a broad understanding of early French exploration and settlement in Texas.


Lesson Duration: 2-3 class periods



Step 1: Display “French Settlement in Texas Questions” on the overhead projector. Have students number a sheet of notebook paper from 1-10. Read the 10 statements aloud to students and have them write T for true or F for false by the statement’s corresponding number on their paper. When they finish, let them know that they will be learning the answers to these questions over the next two days.

Step 2: Give each student a copy of “La Salle and Fort St. Louis” research and writing directions and read it aloud with students.

Step 3: Display the two grading rubrics and go over them with students before they begin their research. Post hard copies of the rubrics in the classroom for student reference.

Step 4: Distribute copies of “The French in Texas - Researching Notes.” Have students work with research partners to view the assigned websites and take notes.

Step 5: Using their notes, students will work alone or with a partner to create an illustrated journal with several entries. Step 6: Students will answer questions on the “French Settlement in Texas Test”

Student Products:

Closure: Volunteers may share their journal entries with the class.  


Assessment or Evaluation: Have students take “French Settlement in Texas Test” after finishing all other activities.  


Mary Janecek-Friedman

Cypress Elementary School

Leander ISD, Leander Texas

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