In the course of our research, we traced four generations of the Williams family, from Ransom and Sarah in the late nineteenth century to five great grandchildren who were still living in Austin and Houston. Although no photographs of Ransom or Sarah have been found, it is interesting that one of Ransom's grandsons, Arnold Williams, bore a close resemblance to his father, William ("Will"). Perhaps Ransom Williams looked like Will and Arnold?

This family tree is not complete because some census records indicate that Ransom and Sarah had nine children. No information has been found for two of their children. It is possible that they died as infants or young children, and their names never made it into any official records. This family tree was constructed from various sources of information, including census records, death certificates, and interviews with three great granddaughters of Ransom and Sarah Williams-Corrine Harris, Lourice Johnson, and Jewel Andrews.

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