Dinners at the Williams farmstead were probably served on English-made transfer-printed ceramics like the plate shown in this photograph, perhaps purchased through a mail-order catalog. On the back of this plate is a maker's mark identifying the floral design as the "Kenwood Pattern" made by the Alfred Meakin Company. This particular mark was used only between 1875 to 1897, and the word "England" indicates manufacture after 1890. The finding of a plate, a saucer, cups, and other sherds with the same Kenwood floral design indicates that Sarah Williams had purchased a set of matching dishes sometime after 1890. These English-made decorated wares were modertaely expensive. The page from the 1895 Montgomery Ward catalog shows the cost of the various pieces and gives thel color choices. Comparing the artifacts with the the catalog page, Sara chose the color, "flown pearl," which was a blue.
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