They used also to put on wolf skins and creep up on the buffalo on the leeward side on their hands and knees until they got within good range and shot them with arrows--I have seen a Comanche kill antelope that way--he had an antelope hide and horns on his head the skin was tied by the hind legs around his waist--then he crept on his hands and knees toward the antelope--he had his arms striped with white paint and also his legs--when the antelope saw him they thought he was another antelope grazing toward them--then they looked down and went to grazing--he stopped every little while put down his head as if grazing until he got near enough to shoot--the Essaquita (Mascalero Apache) live that way--there are many antelope on the Stake Plains near their country--that is a very flat country and an antelope can see a man coming a long way off--sometimes the Kiowa had corrals made of trees near where a point of hill juts against a round cut bank on a creek with wings out from the door--this was not done often only when the antelope were seen grazing in the right place--a man would watch the place--when he saw the antelope grazing there with the wind in the right direction he told the people and they would surround and drive them in.
--Interview with Kiowa by Hugh Lennox Scott, Papers in the Library of Congress.
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