Documentation of Apache Groups in Plateaus/Canyonlands in 1700s

Source Description Year
Jesuit Priest Apaches Fahanos [Faraone] are present north of the Rio Grande on the Pecos River; Apaches Necayees [Natajee] are east of Pecos Pueblo in the Southern Plains 1710
Joseph Vargas The salines near Hueco Mountain are “lands of the Apaches" 1711
Map Pecos River is called “rio salado o del Natagee” meaning “salty river or the river of the Natagee people” 1729
Military officer Apache from Colorado River arrive in Presidio, Texas area 1715
Dunn Apache kill another Indian on the Medina River 1725
Military officer The Apache control the Rio Grande from where it joins the Pecos to El Paso 1726
Military cartographer Lipan encountered on the San Saba River, near modern Menard 1729
Military officer who traveled through Spanish territory Natagee and Mescalero said to reside on Pecos and Rio Grande, southwest of the Lipan 1729
Bustillo, military officer Apache, Chenti, Ypandi attacked on the San Saba 1733
Priest Apache kill priests traveling south of San Antonio 1750
Priest Apache territory stretches from Coahuila to New Mexico 1750
Priest 100 Apache want to live in a mission in San Antonio 1750
Priest Pedernales River is a crossing point for the Apache 1750
Priest Mission Candelaria has over 500 Lipan 1766
Map Natagee are on the Pecos 1766
Map Natagee are northeast of confluence of Pecos and Rio Grande; Pecos is called the river of Natagee whom some call them of the Pecho and others of the Siete Rivers; Lipan are shown on the east side of the Pecos; Apache Juman are shown on the east side of the river, north of the Apache Lipan; Apache Natajee are on the west side of the Pecos along with the Mescalero 1773
Military officer Apache found on the Devils and Pecos Rivers 1775
Military officer Attacks are made on the Mescalero and Lipan Apache on San Saba River, in San Antonio, and in Piedras Negras 1789
Military officer Attacks are made on the Mescalero and Lipan on Frio River 1790
Military officer Reports that Mescalero find Lipan butchering bison on Nueces River 1790
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