Land of the Arcos Tuertos (Twisted Bows)

In this area on Jan. 25, 1684, the Mendoza-Lopez expedition traveled through a broad plain between the rancherias of the Gediondos and the Arcos Tuertos (Twisted Bows) or Arcos Fuertes (Strong Bows). The land had been burned, possibly the result of native peoples intentionally setting fire to the grasses to control the movements of buffalo herds (a practice documented in other accounts). The party established camp, which they named San Honofre, and were joined by the Arcos Tuertos, described by the expedition diarist as resembling the Suma Indians in all aspects, including their attire. During their stay, the expedition members killed five buffalo.

To learn more about the Mendoza-Lopez expedition and the native peoples they encountered, see The Native Americans of the Edwards Plateau by Mariah Wade (UT-Press, 2003).


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