The community reached its zenith by the early 1400s and thrived through the early 1500s, with the ceremonial part of the site fully formed by then and many household compounds established around it. This continued through the mid and late 1500s but probably with fewer people living there and less intensive ceremonial activities. Some families stayed into the mid 1600s, but it appears that ritual-associated construction in the ceremonial area was no longer taking place. The focus of such activities had shifted elsewhere by then. The final stage in the history of the site, in the 1700s, may have little to do with what came before. Caddo people were living or maybe just occasionally camping in at least one area, but their main village was elsewhere. Any connections they had to the Pine Tree Mound community that made this a bustling place in the 1400s and 1500s may have been based only on oral traditions and distant memories. It is even possible that there were no connections at all, with the latest occupations having been short-term stays by Caddo or non-Caddo people traveling through the area on the Hasinai Trace.
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