Plan of Feature 2.2079. Although none of the bones of the person buried here were preserved, the archeologists could tell how the body was laid out based on the positions of the ear spools, since these ornaments would have been on either side of the person’s head. Most of the 23 grave offerings were placed along the person’s left side and at the feet. These include one of the smoking pipes, a stone celt, 6 ceramic bowls (Nos. 4, 8, 10, 11, 13, and 14), 3 bottles (Nos. 7, 9, and 12), and 3 jars (Nos. 5, 6, and 15). One cluster of offerings—2 arrows and a bottle (No. 2) and a bowl (No. 3)—was placed along the right side of the body, near the hand. Patches of red, black, and green pigment probably added during the burial ritual were found in this area as well, and another smoking pipe was nearby along the edge of the grave pit. The third pipe was placed on the right side of the head. A large jar also was on the right side at the grave edge.

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