Area where Trammelís Trace and the Hasinai Trace crossed the Sabine River. The riffles mark shallow water where early travelers forded the river

One of the main roads into northeast Texas during the early and middle parts of the 1800s, the historic route known as Trammel’s Trace followed an old Indian trail, the Hasinai Trace, to connect Nacogdoches with the Red River. Recent research by Bob Vernon of the Texas Archeological Stewards Network and Gary Pinkerton ( indicates that these trails passed close by the Pine Tree Mound site. Using Texas General Land Office county headright maps and original surveyors’ field notes, they have been able to plot the primary route of Trammel’s Trace, and presumably the Hasinai Trace as well, with some precision across most of Harrison County. Their plot indicates that the trace ran 1.4 km east of Pine Tree Mound on its southwestward course to the crossing of the Sabine River.

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