FAQ: How and why are archeological sites "recorded?"

Recording an archeological site involves filling out a site survey form that locates the site, describes it, lists ownership, and provides a sketch map. Completed forms are sent to the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory at UT-Austin, where the official site records are kept for the state of Texas. Each site is assigned a three-part site number (e.g., 41BX52; 41= Texas, BX=Bexar County, 52=52nd recorded site in Bexar County.) The system allows archeologists to give each known site a unique identifier, add information and track changes over time, and avoid confusion. Site locational information is restricted to legitimate archeological researchers. As of August, 2003, some 1543 archeological sites had been recorded in Bexar County. To learn more about site recording, visit the Records section of the TARL website.

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