Taxon Common name Damon Texas City McFaddin Avery
Mound Dike Beach Island
Osteichtyes, unidentified Unidentified bony fish  
Lepisosteus cf. L. spatula Alligator gar  
Lepisosteus sp. Unidentified gar  
Bagre marinus Gafftopsail catfish  
Ictalurus sp. Unidentified catfish  
Centrarchidae, unidentified Unidentified sunfish  
Emyda sp.  
Trachemys scripta Common slider    
Pseudemys sp. Unidentified cooter  
Graptemys sp. Unidentified map turtle  
Kinosternon sp. Unidentified mud turtle  
Terrapene ornata Eastern box turtle  
(Clemmys cf. C. insculpta) Questionable ID*  
Geochelone crassicutata Extinct giant tortoise  
Geochelone? sp. Extinct giant tortoise  
Trionyx sp. Softshell turtle  
Alligator mississippiensis Alligator  
Serpentes, unident. Unidentified snake  
Gavia immer Loon  
Aves, unidentified Unidentified birds  
Didelphis marsupialis Possum  
Canis cf. C. latrans Coyote  
Canis dirus Dire wolf  
Canis cf. C. dirus? Dire wolf?    
Panthera onca Jaguar  
Smilodon floridanus Extinct sabertooth cat    
Smilodon sp. Unidentified sabertooth  
Tremarctos floridanus Extinct Florida cave bear  
Ursus sp. Unidentified bear  
Procyon lotor Raccoon  
Lontra canadensis Northern river otter  
Ondatra zibethicus Muskrat  
Cynomys ludovicianus Black-tailed prairie dog  
Sigmodon sp. Cotton rat  
Taxon Common name Damon Texas City McFaddin Avery
Mound Dike Beach Island
Castor canadensis Beaver  
Castoroides sp. Extinct giant beaver  
Neochoerus pinckneyi Extinct capybara  
(Hydrochoerus capybara) Questionable ID*  
(Hydrochoerus sp.) Questionable ID*    
Sylvilagus sp. Cottontail rabbit  
Megalonyx jeffersonii Extinct giant ground sloth    
Megalonyx sp. Unidentified extinct sloth    
Paramylodon harlani Extinct giant ground sloth  
Boreaostracon sp. Extinct glyptodont  
Eremotherium sp. Extinct giant ground sloth  
Holmesina septentrionalis Extinct pampathere  
Cuvieronius sp. Extinct gomphothere  
Mammuthus cf. M. columbi Extinct mammoth  
Mammuthus sp. Unidentified mammoth    
Mammut americanum Extinct mastodon  
Mammut sp. Unidentified mastodon  
Platygonus cf. P. compressus? Extinct peccary  
Mylohyus cf. M. nasutus Extinct peccary  
Odocoileus virginianus White-tail deer    
Capromeryx cf. B. minor Extinct pronghorn  
Capromeryx sp. Extinct pronghorn  
Paleolama mirifica Extinct llama    
Paleolama sp. Extinct llama  
Bison sp. Bison, extinct or modern  
Bison antiquus Extinct bison  
Bison latifrons Extinct bison  
Tapirus veroensis Extinct tapir    
Tapirus copei Extinct tapir  
Tapirus sp. Extinct tapir  
Equus spp. Horse, extinct species?  
Cetacea, unidentified Dolphins, porpoises  
* Original ID probably wrong,
but cannot be checked
without consulting specimens
extant taxa  
extinct taxa  
Identification insufficient to  
   diagnose extinction