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Hi, kids, I'm Dr. Dirt. I've been digging for lots more years than we nine-banded armadillos are supposed to live. But I'm not just any armadillo—I'm an archeologist, and I've studied the Texas past from El Paso to Port Arthur, Texarkana to Del Rio, and Brownsville to Pampa. Along the dusty trail, I've learned a thing or two about the over 500 generations of people who have called Texas home. That's my profession—archeology. What that means is, I study the lives of people of the past—sometimes from thousands of years ago—by looking at the things they left behind. The answer, as I like to say, is in the dirt.

Below you'll find answers to some of your questions on particular topics. But if you have a question you'd like me to answer, send it to me, Dr. Dirt. I may not be able to answer each of your questions separately, but I'll do my best to get to as many as I can. So check back!

I Want To Be an Archeologist

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15 September 2006

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