Kelley 1986, Figure 5, original caption: “Sequence of events at the Loma Alta site. A. Structure 5, La Junta Focus, cut into gravel and old refuse of unknown provenance, B. Structure 5 abandoned and refilled with fallen roof debris, gravel, and fine sediment, and at the top by a layer of refuse. C. Structures 3 and 4, Concepcion Focus, cut into fill of Structure 5, destroying part of walls, floor, and altar of Structure 5. D. Structures 3 and 4 abandoned and refilled with washed gravel, silts, and sand mixed with older refuse.”

It was this depositional sequence that Kelley cited as the principal evidence for a period of abandonment following the La Junta phase (focus). The inferred sequence of events, however, may have only occurred at this particular place in this particular site. No other compelling evidence of a hiatus has been found at La Junta.
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