Sub-Stratum 8A: Double Cemented

This complex consists of two layers of hard cemented sand, each about ¼- to ½-inch thick, separated by a   ½-inch-thick layer of red clay. Immediately below the bottom cemented layer is an occupation zone 1/2-inch and less thick.

Although no projectile points were found from this sub-stratum, a few other artifacts were recovered including a unifacial scraper, a small flint hammerstone, one delicately pointed graver made on a small black flint flake, and some red ocher fragments.  When this cemented matrix was turned over, additional cultural material was found adhering to the bottom side. Numerous bone fragments, ash, and charcoal were cemented to several slabs.

Examples of artifacts from Sub-Stratum 8A including animal bones with ash discovered on the underside of the cemented matrix. At right: unifacial scraper, black flint graver, and red ocher fragment. Photo by Albert Redder.