Sub-Stratum 5C: Lower member—second red

This sub-stratum was formed in the same manner as 5B and is similar, but has much more occupational debris.  It is separated from 5B by up to 6 inches of clean deposit, and is capped by red clay.

A fire hearth consisting of ashes and debris was found in this stratum. A good part of this feature was cemented, however, making it difficult to dig. Some 70 lb of the sediments from its interior fill were collected and washed on a window screen.

Two bone fragments with cut marks, many small animal bones—about half of them burned—and 33 chips of Alibates-looking flint were recovered. One unifacial tool with a graver tip also was found.

Small animal bones and charcoal fragments found in the fire hearth in Sub-Stratum 5c. Photo by Susan Dial.
Field sketch of Feature 37-4 , fire hearth, consisting of ash and area of bone and other debris. Drawing by Albert Redder.