Mylodon, or ground sloth, was one of the now-extinct creatures that roamed the Brazos River during the Ice Age time period represented in this stratum. Drawing by Hal Story. Enlarge Image

Stratum 2: River Gravel

This stratum is a coarse limestone river gravel and sand with sub-angular limestone nodules up to 6 inches in diameter. The gravel is extremely tough and cannot be excavated without the use of a large pick.

Although there was no definitive evidence of human occupation, split bone fragments suggestive of butchering were recovered from this Late Pleistocene layer. Also recovered were teeth fragments of now-extinct creatures: ground sloth (Nothrotherium), mountain lion (Felis concolor), and an unidentified herbivorous animal.

Teeth of extinct fauna recovered from Stratum 2, including unidentified herbivore at top, ground sloth (Nothrotherium), and at bottom, mountain lion (Felis concolor).Enlarge Image
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