Stratum 11: Compact Red

Stratum 11, Compact Red, lay atop the midden in the front part of the shelter east of the large north-south trench dug by collectors.  This stratum was highly compacted.

A variety of Archaic dart point types were recovered including Gary, Kent, Ellis, Yarbrough, and Langtry, as well as two unclassified.  Bifaces, knives, and drills, one of which has a dartpoint base, also were found, as well as gravers made on thick angular fragments of flint and notched scrapers. Among the more than 40 utilized flakes, at least 6 fit the category of fishhook manufacturing tools.

Additional stone tools include hammerstones, one quartzite mano, two flint biface cores, and red ocher.  Only a few bone tools were found including an awl fragment, beamer fragment, and three fishhook stock fragments. Food remains included bones of deer, rabbits and other small mammals, birds, fish, and turtle. 


Examples of bifaces from Stratum 11. Enlarge to see additional specimens. Enlarge Image
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