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Burial ceremony at Horn Shelter, circa 11,000 years ago. A group leader, or shaman, wearing a badger headdress shakes turtle shell and deer antler rattles as members of the funeral party place special items within the grave of the adult male and child. The pile of limestone slabs, in foreground, will be used to cover their bodies. At lower right is an area of stone knapping debris where chipped-stone tools, including San Patrice points, are being made. Although aspects of this scene are based on actual archeological evidence recovered from the site, it is not intended to to be an exact reconstruction of the event, but rather one plausible interpretation of what took place in the past. Although no projectile points or other weaponry were found within the burial, a knapping kit was placed with the body of the man. San Patrice points and a Wilson point, as well as a quantity of other camping debris, were found in the stratum from which the burial originated. The painting by artist/ archeologist Frank Weir is based on photos, field maps, and artifacts as well as drawings he made at the shelter.

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