Turnstake Island

Idealized Rockport Black-on-gray, "Turnstake Island" motif vessel. Adapted from Weinstein 2002, Figure 7-41.
Image of Turnstake Island.

The “Turnstake Island" motif is similar to the “Kenyon Island" motif save that vertical wavy lines alternate with the rows of vertical dots.  This decorative idea is similar to several examples illustrated in Wendall Potter’s 1930 study in which vertical wavy lines alternate with vertical rows of punctations.  However, in the case of “Turnstake Island” all decoration is applied with asphaltum paint.  Somewhat surprisingly, no other illustrations or discussions of the motif are provided in any of the previous studies on Rockport ceramics examined.  At least one sherd of Goliad Red-on-buff from Mission Espíritu Santo has a similar design, although it is difficult to determine if the vertical line is straight or wavy.   

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