Matagorda Island

Idealized deep (or simple) bowol of Rockport Black-on-gray exhibiting the "Matagorda Island" motif. Adapted from Weinstein 2002, Figure 7-37.
Image of Matagorda Island.

This is Rockport Black-on-gray’s equivalent to the “Copano Bay" motif of Rockport Black and virtually all statements concerning the design elements of “Copano Bay” also pertain to “Matagorda Island.”  It is characterized by a black lip band that usually covers both the top and exterior edge of the vessel rim, sometimes the interior edge, and from which descend individually painted wavy or squiggled vertical lines on the exterior portion of the vessel. As with “Copano Bay,” such lines can be either slightly or highly wavy, and be narrow, medium, or wide in width.  With additional study, differences in line quality and width may allow for the establishment of more motifs.  

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