Pats Bay

Idealized Rockport Black, "Pats Bay" motif vessel. Adapted from Weinstein 2002, Figure 7-32.
Image of Pats Bay.

The “Pats Bay" motif is almost identical to the “Espíritu Santo" motif except that the lines descending from the vessel rim are vertical rather than diagonal.  Only one definite example of the motif was present at Guadalupe Bay.  Although not common, vertical straight lines are known from other Rockport assemblages from the central Texas coast.  It may be that these straight lines are nothing more than aberrant versions of wavy vertical lines.  If not, however, they may have some chronological or spatial significance, and, for that reason, future studies should address their possible presence in an assemblage.  Illustrated examples of Goliad Red-on-buff from Mission Espíritu Santo exhibit vertical painted lines similar to those of the “Pats Bay" motif.  Thus, it may be possible that designs very similar to “Pats Bay” lasted into the Historic period in the region. 

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