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In this upcoming interactive experience, you'll learn all about the soldiers, settlers, gamblers, buffalo hunters, and cowboys who ventured onto the Texas frontier in the 1860s and 1870s, when the land was wide open prairie and there was nary a house in sight. From Doc Holiday to Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman to a young child named Sallie, the area had its share of fascinating characters.

But there were Indians who already claimed the north Texas lands…and they fought fiercely for the right to live there and hunt buffalo on the grassy prairies. Other Indians, such as the Tonkawa, went to live near the U.S. Army post known as Fort Griffin, where they became valued scouts for the soldiers.

For this new activity, award-winning children's book author Lisa Waller Rogers, brings 17 historical characters to life through first person "interviews." If you've read The Great Storm or Get Along, Little Dogies, then you already know about the fascinating stories she tells. They are a great way to learn about Texas history.

Hard to imagine what it all looked like? We'll show you.

Charles Shaw, who has painted more pictures about Texas than you can count, will create the colorful scene that takes you back into history to a time not so long ago, but very unlike what we know today. You will also be able to look at old photographs of the people who there, read maps, check out some of the Fort buildings, and see "living history interpreters" who dress in frontier costumes today to help recreate the past.

Stay tuned for this fun and educational experience. And tell your teachers, too. We will create special activities and lessons to bring it all together in your classroom.

See ya', pardner.

cowboys in the dust
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