Hafted Dart Point Analysis: Specimen 6

Specimen 6 (96746), Ceremonial Cave, radiocarbon dated to 1690 B.C. -A.D.1530 (AMS date on sample of shaft exterior and interior). Based on CT scan of haft area, the chipped-stone point is classified as probable type Hueco, although there are some similarities to type Palmillas. CT scans of shaft in cross section show no visible growth rings, indicating the material is not hardwood, but rather a flower stalk from a plant. The isotopic value for this sample further indicates the shaft is not hardwood, but seems to be closer to agaves and yuccas than anything else. (13C/12C ratio is -8.1%, lower than reported values for most C3 plants, including sotol.) Specimen 6 apparently was hafted directly onto a main shaft constructed of a long, straight flower stalk, without a foreshaft. Specimen at Peabody Museum, Harvard University. Photo by Laura Nightengale.

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