Site 41CN187

Located on a sandy hill near a seep spring, this Coleman County cairn site was excavated by E. B. Sayles in 1928. Based on his very brief notes, the rock cairn was situated on a ridge overlooking the surrounding mesquite valley.  There was some evidence of an adjoining camp, in the way of flint tools and other materials.

Sayles labeled the cairn as a grave but provided no information on any human remains that may have been present. However, a finely crafted Moran arrow point with serrated edges was recovered from one side of the grave, and an incomplete point from below the grave.  Notes in TARL records indicate that a local postmaster also reported graves and points on a nearby hill. 

Although little can be said about this cairn, it appears to relate to the Blow Out Mountain phase of the Late Prehistoric period based on the presence of the stemmed, serrated arrow point. Known as Moran, points of this type have been found in other cairn burials of the region, as well as on surface sites.



Finely made Moran type arrow point apparently found in cairn grave.  Note careful serration of blade edges. Photo by Laura Nightengale.  TARL Collections.

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Detail from E. B. Sayles notes on site. TARL Archives.

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