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Whose Buffalo?

photo of buffalo

This two-part lesson deals with events on the Great Plains of Texas leading up to the Red River War of 1874. Students will examine how the Plains Indians vied with white commercial buffalo hunters for the millions of Great Plains buffalo, and will create an illustrated broadside supporting the interests of either the Indians or the commercial hunters.

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Teaching about Sawmills: The Story in Numbers

thumbnail of Teacing about Aldridge student handout

This lesson plan provides 7th-grade students an opportunity to practice math skills while becoming familiar with Texas’ “Boom & Bust” economy  and the natural history and geography of the east Texas Piney Woods. The student handout is illustrated with historic photos of logging in East Texas.

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Teaching about the French in Texas

This lesson for 4th grade students is correlated to the Texas Beyond History exhibits on Ft. St. Louis and The Belle as well as other websites. Through researching, journal writing, and answering a variety of questions, students will gain a broad understanding of early French exploration and settlement in Texas.

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Teaching about the Rancheria

thumbnail of drawing of the rancheriaIn this lesson, students can learn about the Indian groups who lived 1,000 years ago on the Llano River.  The students will use paintings and photographs of tools and other artifacts to make inferences and conclusions about how the Indians lived. 

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Teaching Mission San Sabá

Digging Deeper: Mission San Sabá is a lesson is aimed at students who already have an understanding of the Spanish mission-presidio system in Texas. The purpose of this lesson is to have students understand  Spanish motives for establishing Mission San Sabá and the reasons for the mission’s failure.

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